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Grand Prix Story

Train Drivers to Dance in Grand Prix Story

From Kairosoft, the developers of games such as Dungeon Village and Dream House Days Grand Prix Story comes another high-addictive management simulation. In Grand Prix Story, you get to try your hand at managing your very own racing team, from hiring a crew to finding drivers and even allocating funds to research new car parts, what happens next is entirely up to you. Of course just like any endeavor, the team's upkeep requires some funds. As the boss, your job extends to acquiring sponsors. Win races to get money for better parts and harder races. Remember, the higher the stakes, the bigger the reward.

Slow but Steady Wins the Race

At the start of your new role as a racing team manager, you are given just a single car to customize and a few races to compete in. With the mechanics you've hired, you will need to add new parts to your car and keep it in tip-top shape. The drivers will need to be trained too, surprisingly (or not for those who are familiar with Kairosoft's other titles) the options include Dance alongside Joyride and Jog. They're also trained to Read because everyone knows racing teams can't have illiterate drivers. If this sounds a bit of a grind to you, never fear. You can squeeze in some training while waiting for a car to get fitted with new parts.

Although equipping better tech does help you boost your chances of winning a race, more important is the time you've spent increasing its parameters as well as the stats of your mechanic and driver. This way, you have the chance to surpass performance plans and, hopefully, gain that much needed boost to finish first in the coming race.

Don't be Left in the Dark

Compared to Game Dev Story, one unique aspect of Grand Prix Story is that you actually get to watch the car you've built being driven by the guy you trained. Results don't just magically appear on-screen, you get to cringe in real-time as you watch rival cars pass yours or gloat at the opposite scenario. The races are kept short instead of running several laps around the track like in UnitedGP. You also cannot control the car, being a mere spectator. All you can really do is improve everything you can beforehand and hope that the prep work you did is enough. When your team does manage to win Grand Prix events, you will eventually be able to expand to add another team to manage.

Even if you finish in fourth place, you will be awarded some Research Points to spend on upgrades. With these, you can unlock new cars and parts, as well as to level up the mechanics in your team. Eventually, you will be able to improve attributes such as handling, acceleration and durability to get your car to the finish line in record time. As you continue the addictive cycle of farming Research Points, you will be able to hire better members for your team too.

Release Date: 30/03/2016

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.6/5

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This Looks Familiar

Grand Prix Story shares more than just its sprite-ly good looks with previous Kairosoft offerings. While the theme is different this time around, the mechanics have been kept in the same vein as older titles, giving you plenty of things to do with very few dull moments. You will be juggling tasks, filling in waiting tomes with training and toggling from one car to the next until race day. Even then, it will be hard to look away as you silently root for your driver. It doesn't matter if it's a single lap around the track or the Grand Prix, you will be hard-pressed to ignore the game because what happens next is a direct result of all your prep work. If the car is slow to turn, it's probably because you could have spent more time improving acceleration. You can't control the car but it a race is a great way to find out which stats needs some work.

Never feeling truly unbeatable is what makes it so hard to stop playing Grand Prix Story. Every time you think you've done enough, you find another thing to improve. It's not as if you can't win races, it's the fact that you can beat them and you want to move up a level. With all their management sim games, Kairosoft has perfected the formula and this racing-themed gem is no exception.

That being said, not everyone will find the familiar mechanics to be a good thing. If you've played one Kairosoft game, you've basically taken the mystery out of all of them due to recycled mechanics. The one thing that sets Grand Prix Story apart from the rest is the ability to watch a race and see for yourself what's making a car succeed or fail as opposed to simply being told you're in last place (or in Game Dev Story, that a game you developed flopped).

So, if that sounds like too little of a plus for you, then you may want to check out other racing management sims such as Motorsport Manager or UnitedGP. However, if you have a soft spot for all things Kairosoft or the idea of managing a team of sprites seems appealing, then you're in for a fun ride with Grand Prix Story.


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Grand Prix Story is developed by Kairo Park.

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