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Motorsport Manager

Form Your Dream Team in Motorsport Manager

Think you have the guts to manage your own racing team? If the answer is yes, then you might want to put your money where your mouth is and play Motorsport Manager. This app allows you to experience firsthand how it is to manage your very own racing team.

In this game, each decision counts if you wish to succeed in building your racing empire. You can't just pick drivers randomly and expect things to work out. You will have to take their skills into consideration, develop cars and invest some of your hard-earned cash in some technology. Your endeavor will take you across the globe as you and your newly formed team take on the best of the best in championships. When it comes to emulating the career of a racing team manager, this is as realistic as it gets.

Build Your Very Own Racing Empire

As they say, first impressions last and when it comes to visuals, Motorsport Manager isn't lacking in style. It boasts a sleek interface with a modern feel to it. Dark colors dominate its color palette and the icons are flat and minimalist. All in all, the graphic elements blend well to make for a distinct look compared to the run-in-the-mill racing title. On the other hand, the audio side could use some more work as the game's tunes are pretty limited. Actually, limited is an understatement because a single looping clip is used for most of the game. Sound effects are mostly reserved for the races and those, though effective in delivering that race day atmosphere, have nothing to do with what's going on on-screen. You're really better off hitting "mute" and playing your own tracks or leaving the TV running in the background.

The good news is that though Motorsport Manager is lacking polish in terms of music, the actual game play is just plain awesome. We began the game thinking that it would be nothing more than a glorified, racing counterpart of Lemonade Stand. Instead, we were treated to a believable look at how it really is when managing a racing team. You'll be making hard decisions and often. Thankfully, the game guides you gently through and never drowns you with too many options at once. It's the perfect balance, removing the frustrating number crunching of actual managing yet still offering a challenge.

Release Date: 12/05/2015

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.6/5

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Making Hard Choices

So what exactly are the choices you'll have to make? There are three basic tasks you can perform in the game. The first entails filling your roster with drivers and choosing a crew. As the manager, you can either hire of fire people, win over sponsors and allocate resources to research. Every now and then you will encounter problems which will force you to make decisions involving losing something. As with any business, the goal is to minimize your losses and maximize your profits. Once you've laid a foundation for your team, it will be time to move on to determining racer positions. Achieve the most ideal qualifying lap by working with your chosen drivers. A little experimentation will be needed in order to find just the right configuration and get the best out of your team. If the thought of minding gears and tires sounds a little intimidating, you can always go for the recommended setup. It won't yield the absolute best results but the suggestions are decent enough to help you get by.

Of course, the third and final activity in this game involves participating in races. Although this will be the culmination of all your prep work, your job isn't over until your team crosses that finish line. You have the option of watching things in real-time or, you can skip the scenes and go straight to the strategy screens. Here, you can push your drivers to push their cars to the limit or advise them to stay conservative. You will also need to be ready to adjust to the ever-changing weather conditions and decide on the time your drivers visit the pit stop. Remember that every choice you make has an impact on the race. Want your driver to be a little risky? His tire will wear out faster. Want to change tires? If it doesn't rain, you'll be losing speed instead of gaining traction. It may not seem like much but because you're required to think on your feet, events like these effectively fuel the excitement.

Good Investments, Bad Investments

As you progress through the game, the tournaments get more and more difficult and the stakes get even higher. You might win big one time and use up all your funds on tech only to lose on the next race. Where will you get the funds for your employees then? Just like in the real world, you will need to weigh your investments to ensure that your racing empire survives no matter what. To add a little kick to the mechanics, there's even a fake news feed that tells you just what the public thinks of your recent triumphs and failures. It's immersive and addicting.

Getting curious? Motorsport Manager does have plenty of things working for it. However, it does have one major flaw in the form of its in-game micro transactions. As a general rule of thumb, it's not good practice to offer micro transactions despite being a paid app. While it isn't required to pay anything to win, the game still has a way of nagging you to "invest" using real money. About to get bankrupt? Pay up. Always wanted that expensive piece of tech? Pay up.

Overall, Motorsport Manager has enough plus points to keep up interested. We would have preferred it if the game left micro transactions out of its formula but that doesn't erase the fact that it is the most enjoyable racing team management app out there.


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