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Pit Your Team Management Skills Against Other Players in UnitedGP

It doesn't matter whether you love the cars, the drivers or the sport as a whole, if you're into Formula One racing, UnitedGP is a game worth checking out. In this unique title, you get to experience managing your very own racing team. As the boss, it's your job to make tough choices. Hire drivers and train them to gain the perfect qualifying lap. Pit your racing prowess against other players in a 20-grid match. Develop a strategy to trump your rivals in the tracks and aim to reach the Pro class by advancing one league at a time. Whether it be the kind of wheels a car should equip or what research to invest in, the success or failure of your team depends on your decision-making skills.

Your Fledgeling Empire

If you're new to sports management titles, don't worry. UnitedGP has you covered. Once you've picked a name for the team and your new car, you can then begin the rather detailed tutorial which covers pretty much everything you need to know before your first race. Install new parts onto your car, select tires and determine which replacements you need. After that, you can ask your driver to take it for a spin. Here, he will comment on which things he likes and which ones just aren't working. If says, for instance, that the there's a problem with the tire grip, you'll have the option to tweak it before proceeding to the next test. There isn't any number crunching involved here. All you need to do is adjust the sliders and voila! Once that's done, you can test another setup to compare qualifying times or move on.

As with real races, weather is a major consideration here. Viewing the forecast prior to a race and choosing the right set of tires will help you immensely. Pit stop schedule also plays a big role in keeping your car in tip-top shape. After all, you wouldn't want your driver to be using ones that are worn out for a good half of the race.

Release Date: 14/06/2016

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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A Spectator Sport

Speaking of races, those are definitely the highlight of your game. Although all you really see are icons moving past each other on a track (or a text play by play), it's still exciting to find out how well your driver will do come race day. There is only one worldwide server, which means that you get to race against people from across the globe. While the race is happening, you won't be just twiddling your thumbs, however. You will need to keep an eye on what is happening to determine whether or not you will need to adjust things such as your tires and driving strategy. Accidents can happen to your deliver or his rivals -- a realistic touch to this addictive mobile title.

If you find that rival drivers are neck and neck with yours, then perhaps you should invest some of your hard-earned prize money. Of course, you can use a chunk of it to upgrade your car to improve its performance. You can also buy some power-ups to help you round corners or maintain focus. You also earn credits steadily through sponsorships. Alternatively, you can buy them using stars, which are the game's premium currency. Although you can shell out real money for them, stars can also be earned by fulfilling objectives such as setting up new strategies or leveling up. Not a fan of freemium titles? UnitedGP's system is made in such a way that you can enjoy the whole game without ever having to pay real money.

Down to the Nitty-gritty

Basically, UnitedGP gives you access to the whole racing experience without pushing you to open your wallet. It's designed very well, with a modern feel to its interface and neat diagrams to help you stay in the know. What we liked about this game is that it can be quite complex, with its wealth of features and online race system and yet it manages to stay accessible even to complete novices.

Fun features such as the ability to customize your ride and over 150 car components just waiting to be produced leave a lasting impression both to long time fans pf the genre and first-timers. Also, the by-daily rotation of over 25 race tracks is a smart way to keep the challenge fresh for longer. Although on paper it may not sound like the most exciting thing to watch dots move around, trust us, you'll be kept quite busy on and off the race track. We do love the strategy aspect of the game. Of course as a freemium title, it does come with a few quirks such as long wait times in between producing new parts and the like if you're not able to earn stars from objectives, but that's the fate of every game like it. If you want upgrades available pronto and you're the impatient sort, this isn't for you. However, if you're willing to hone your managing skills and can afford to wait for the parts, you won't regret giving UnitedGP a chance.


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UnitedGP is developed by Trivian Games.

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