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Rev Up that Racing Spirit with Formula Racer 2012

A fast-paced racing title from TurboNuke, Formula Racer 2012 will have you battling for road domination. It makes use of Formula Racer's engine but it's not a carbon copy of the original. This is an updated version of the game, giving you even more car classes to tinker with and even sweeter graphics to feast your eyes on. So, is this really the Formula One racing title to beat or does only come a close second? Read on and find out.

Controls Anyone Can Learn

One thing that keeps newbies from fully enjoying a racing title is the time it takes to master the controls. Minding gear shifts and learning all about item pickups may dampen what could have been an otherwise fun experience. While no game can ever guarantee absolute mastery off the bat, it can keep to the standard so it is more accessible to novices. Formula Racer 2012 is a stellar example of this. All you need to mind is a combination of five keys. The W, A, S and D keys are assigned to controlling your car's direction. The space bar gives it a boost. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys to change direction and use either N or X for a boost.

Unlike your run-in-mill browser title, we found Formula Racer 2012's controls to be solid. The cars are responsive even to slight presses of the button, which is perfect really as there are tracks with a lot of wicked curves just waiting to steer you off course. When used, boosts can mean the difference between placing first and ending up in last place. Each car tier handles differently, with a significant difference in performance. Basically, Formula Racer 2012's engine is so sophisticated, it's easy to forget that it's just a free-to-play browser title.

Outclassed and Outperformed

As we've mentioned, Formula Racer 2012 features different car classes. Not only does each one vary in performance and handling, it also has tracks exclusive to it. Race Class 1 for instance, will have you driving what looks like a Lotus Super 7. There are five levels of upgrades lined up for the car as well as three quick maps (USA, Brazil and Malaysia) you can play. Do well to qualify and you can move on to Race Class 2. This tier features speedier rivals as well as four unique maps: China, Canada, Australia and France. You also get to use a vintage F1 car for this tier, which is surely a treat for longtime fans of the sport.

Do you consider yourself adept at handling a real speedster? In that case, you'll have no trouble reaching Race Class 3. The third and final tier has a treat in store for you. The car you get can be upgraded up to a whopping 12 levels. It boasts five tough courses, each one with its own set of hurdles. Spain and Germany have plenty of sharp corners to force collisions, the switchbacks never seem to end in Great Britain, Turkey has plenty of those too but with a wide, sweep to bait you and India? Well , don't get us started on that one. All you need to know is that you will need be a master of twists and curves to qualify.

Achievements That You'll Be Proud Of

Formula Racer 2012 has the complete package. Its two-lap races are quick enough to squeeze in during a break. Each race makes use of a 32-car grid, so you have plenty of rivals to compete with. The graphics are superb too, with crisp graphics that look at home in a handheld game system. You can customize your cars too, from the color of its body to the kind of wheels you're going to use in a race. Speaking of wheels, you can either make a race a little easier or a lot harder depending on which one you choose. Will you go for wet tires or dry ones? It won't be the only deciding factor, but whichever one you go for will alter your grip.

Now, if you're not looking for just any old race, then you'll be glad to know that TurboNuke has gotten creative when it comes to game's achievements. This means that you don't just have to finish first or stay in the lead. If you're determined to get all of the achievements, you'll also have to bump 30 different racers in a single race. For those who have seen their fair share of racing games, it's these kinds of details that really seal the deal.

The bottom line is, Formula Racer 2012 is worth a look regardless of this is your first time on the circuit or you've been playing for years. It looks good, it plays good, the game even sounds good thanks to its collection of upbeat tracks that will get your blood pumping. Well, what can we say? Formula Racer 2012 is truly the complete racing package. If you don't believe us, you'll just have to play it to find out for yourself.

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