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Catch the Racing Fever with Turbo Boing's Grand Prix Go

Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal? Don't let these cute cars fool you into thinking you can just breeze through Grand Prix Go. These cars can sure tear through the racetrack. Prepare for the big race day through the game's Practice Mode. When you're all set, try your hand at racing against stars such as Jak McSpeed, Tommy Turbo and Katy quick in Race mode. Win some money and upgrade your vehicle. If you're good enough to finish in the top three, you can move on to the next track. Or, try your hand at qualifying for a more advantageous pole position. With that said, does Grand Prix Go revolutionize the racing genre or does it end up stuck in a pit stop?

It's All About the Steering

This isometric view racing title offers several championship cups for you to master: Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Gold Cup and the tricky Pro Cup. There's also a myriad of achievements for you to aim for -- 72 to be exact. As with the real thing, cheating is frowned upon in the tracks so zooming by without a care in the world will earn you cut corner penalties and the like.

The control scheme for Grand Prix Go is pretty much standard fare. Turbo Boing assigned steering to the W, A, S and D keys; pressing X or N gives cars a boost of speed; and the space bar may be pressed to reset your vehicle's position. Alternatively, pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard also works to steer the car if those happen to be easier to use.

With such straightforward controls, even genre newbies won't have much trouble learning how to steer. That being said, getting the hang of the car's handling is a whole different thing. In particular, going around corners is made difficult by the game's stiff controls. The car is slow to respond to key presses, making handling tight corners quite a feat. You can make things easier on yourself by earning some in-game money and buying upgrades but the improvement isn't dramatic enough to make the handling feel realistic. It feels like more like you're driving a toy around a circuit rather than a full-sized formula one car.

Looks Curious, Doesn't It?

In terms of its visuals, Grand Prix Go is a mixed bag. On one hand, its bright colors and 3D elements look crisp on-screen. We love how the cars stand out against the track. We also love how the lighting makes every frame look alive. The UI is classy too, with the gauges lined up neatly to the side of the screen. On the other hand, it would have been nice to have the option to close the on-screen help so nothing blocks the mini map. The car proportions also seem off, resembling toys instead of actual cars. Being stocky, they don't look as sleek, or fast, as the real thing.

As for the music, well, we have nothing but good things to say. They're appropriately upbeat, but not stress-inducing in any way. They're also catchy, so racing to the in-game tunes makes for quite the relaxing experience.

Basic but Not Without its Merits

Grand Prix Go may not have all the bells and whistles of a paid game but if you're looking for a game that thrusts you right into the action, then it deserves a look. It has three modes of play (Race, Qualify and Practice) for you to try out, an upgrade system that gives you an incentive to do well in the races and several championship cups to master. We found its difficulty surprisingly balanced. Bronze Cup is just difficult enough to encourage you to get the hang of the controls quickly. Silver Cup takes things a step further by making things a bit more hectic. If you're careful about avoiding those penalties, then you may just get past Gold Cup unscathed. Pro Cup opens up after you complete some objectives and only the truly skilled can finish to qualify.

Though its races are just variations of the same formula, replay value is made more significant with the use of achievements. There are 72 all in all, with requirements ranging from leading a whole lap to beating the target speed while passing through the speed trap. Of course for completionists, there's just one ultimate target: finishing first on all the Pro series cups.

Turbo Boing's racing title is a valiant effort to deliver a fun racing experience to both newbies and veterans of the genre. There're just enough content to make for an enjoyable ride during a lazy afternoon. If you're new to it, don't expect to beat all championship cups in one sitting as the control scheme takes a while to get used to. However once you do, it's likely you'll keep coming back to the game. Done with everything? Clear your save and do it all over again.

Our verdict? Give Grand Prix Go a try if you're after something no fuss. Skip it if you want something you haven't seen before.

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