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F1 2014

All The Right Cars, All the Right Drivers

The advent of turbochargers bring about changes in the handling of each F1 vehicle. F1 2014 simulates the raw power of each one, featuring all of the season's stars and cars. By customizing the settings and toggling assists off, true blue racing gurus will be able to feel less down force and be able to enjoy the explosive power delivered by their chosen machines.

With F1 2014's refined pad controls, pros and novices alike are guaranteed to get the most out of their virtual racing careers. Once you've had your fill of the game's single-player mode, you can test your new moves by going up against other drivers. F1 2014 offers extensive multiplayer options, giving you the chance to play either in split screen with a buddy or online by participating in 16-player matches. The latter allows you to race against 16 people and 6 AI units to simulate full, 22 car grids. Additionally, you can keep a close eye on your progress using RaceNet, a free community hub provided by Codemasters.

Release Date: 17/10/2014

Available on: Xbox 360, PS3, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 3.75/5

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No Need to Change What Isn't Broken

F1 2014's updates are enough to warrant a sequel but aren't significant enough to give that extra wow factor. New players will enjoy the rebalanced system, with features such as decreased difficulty and shorter careers catering to their skill level. On the other hand, veterans looking to be blown away by the changes might not be satisfied by the game's predictable improvements. We all expected to see new tracks, cars and parts. The AI is a bit less clumsy too, able to maneuver better when blocked and are more aggressive than last year's program. The graphics have been improved slightly, with weather effects, in particular, looking more polished. Unfortunately, most of the animations have remained the same since F1 2013 so expect to see the same clips when performing actions such as entering the car and approaching a pit. The driver evaluation system is a nice addition as it removes the limit to the teams you can join. You can now kick your career off as a part of Infiniti Red Bull Racing or Scuderia Ferrari without any restrictions.

You could say that F1 2014 is a better version of its predecessor. We would have preferred it if there were a fewer number of recycled elements but there is a silver lining: the game has enough noteworthy additions not to seem like a cash grab. There's the revamped Career Mode that lets you dictate how many races you wish to join and faster paced races with the new turbochargers. You can expect more overtaking opportunities with the debut of the ERS (Electronic Recovery System) which allows for an additional 160bhp for a little over half a minute. Car handling was also tweaked to suit humble gamepads and Scenario mode was extended to make room for more true to life racing situations.

All things considered, F1 2014 is still a great game, with elements added onto last year's model instead of offering a major overhaul of the mechanics. And well, that's, not a bad thing if you liked it then too. As the saying goes, why fix what isn't broken?


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F1 2014 is developed by Codemasters.

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